Upper Back Pain


About Mid back pain

Upper and Mid back pain refers to pain in the “thoracic” spine. This is the area from the shoulders down to the mid back area. Pain in this area can be for a variety of reasons, but typically occurs from poor posture or a forward slouched posture and loss of segmental mobility in the spine.

  • With this posture, your back muscles stretch out, causing weakness, stiffness and lead to restricted spinal movement.
  • The sharp and often severe pain can be caused by a minor injury to a ligament (sprain) connecting your spinal joints (facet joints) or connecting your ribs and your spinal segments .
Back Pain

Pain can often feels like a burning or sometimes shooting pain to the mid back area. At times, pain can even feel like it is radiating under the shoulder blade.

However, it is important to remember that upper/mid back pain can be caused by problems of other structures of your body. Your vital organs ( heart, lungs, stomach )can refer pain into your back . Therefore it is very important to investigate any upper/mid back pain promptly.

How Osteopathy  therapy helps :

Osteopathy is very important in treating mid back pain. Our Osteopath work with you to discover spinal areas that may not be moving ideally. This limitation in movement can cause strain on the sections above and below that affected area. By improving spinal joint mobility, soothing sore muscles and restoring posture, your mid back pain can be relieved quite quickly.

We then educate you on proper strengthening and postural techniques to maintain your gains in therapy.


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