Sport Injuries


Any injury sustained during physical activity can be categorized as a sports injury 

That’s correct! You don’t have to be an elite athlete to sustain a sport injury.

In fact you are at a much higher risk of getting injured if you are “A Weekend Warrior” pushing yourself hard in a short space of time after years of minimal physical activity.

Sport injuries can be due to trauma (sprained ankle, fractured wrist) or overuse (tendon problems, repetitive muscle strain , stress fractures) It is absolutely crucial to get the correct diagnosis and proceed with a welldesigned treatment plan.

This can often be the difference between weeks and months before you can return to sport.

The most important things to consider :

  • Which structure is injured? Tissues have a drastically different healing times which impacts the time you’ll need to stay away from sport
  • In some cases, completely stopping activities CAN BE WORSE for your recovery. For example, chronic tendon problems will feel better when you stop exercising. However, they will get WORSE if you go back to activities after weeks of complete rest.
  • In case of chronic overuse injuries (tendinopathies, stress fractures, repetitive muscle strains) sport techniques and biomechanical assessment are necessary to address faulty movement patterns.
  • You need to learn how much activity is too much at a given stage of your rehab. We call this LOAD MANAGEMENT

Initially minor persistent niggles, if not addressed in a timely manner, can turn to very pesky chronic injuries that will take much longer to recover !

At Pure Osteopathy Noosa we use a variety of techniques to help people to recover faster.  We achieve this by combining exercise therapy, “hands on” techniques and modern, evidence based ,  state of the art technology like Shockwave therapy

One of the most important aspects to rehabilitating a sports injury is treating it as soon as possible. If you recently sustained an injury or are suffering from a chronic problem that just doesn’t want to go away  Contact us to see if we can help you