Return To Sport


You’ve just recovered from your sport injury and want to go back to sport ? Or maybe you just recently decided to become more active and want to try a marathon ?

Whatever the case may be … you need to get ready for it!!

There is a significant difference between healing the injured tissue (meaning not having pain and restrictions) and the ability to run for 10km, 20km or more …

This is called tissue conditioning or tissue adaptation. In professional sport this is the last stage of the rehabilitation before the athlete goes back to competition. Unfortunately, in semi-professional and/or amateur sport this is almost non-existent.

The biggest mistakes we see in our practice is the typical “too much too soon” approach without sufficient recovery time.

Sports injury management and rehab

After each training session, your muscles suffer from micro-tears. As a result, they feel sore and stiff and are not ready to perform again until the micro-tears heal. How quickly you’ll recover from each session will depend on:

  • Your age and general health
  • Your fitness levels
  • Nutritional value of your diet
  • Quality of your sleep

Once the recovery is accomplished your muscles are ready to perform again. This time they are a little bit stronger so they can perform a little bit better.  Eventually your body adapts to the demands of your activities and you are in a much better position to enjoy your favourite activities.

However, if the recovery process is prematurely interrupted (going back too early and/or going too hard) you are in much higher risk of sustaining injury.

Therefore, for successful return to sport you need a well-structured individualised program. We understand that no two athletes are the same – so no two treatment plans should be the same, either. Everyone experiences pain and injury differently, and everyone’s body recovers in different ways. After a thorough physical evaluation, your Osteopath will create a realistic treatment plan based on your goals and level of desired performance.

We are currently working with dancers, football (AFL) and soccer players to get them back to the desired level of performance quickly and safely.

We are here to help, contact us to see how we can help you going back to what you love.