Pre Surgical Rehab


Do you have a surgical operation planned in the near future?

You are most likely aware that you’ll be given exercises as a part of your rehabilitation program after your surgery but…

Did you know that there are great benefits to starting the exercise program BEFORE your surgery?  This is also known as a pre-habilitationor “Prehab”

Prehab is becoming more popular with the surgeons because in many cases it can improve the outcomes and speed up the recovery times.  It is often used before hip and knee joint replacements but increasingly recommended to anyone undergoing surgery.

Post operative osteopathy

The goal is to be as strong, flexible, and healthy as possible, so you are able to regain normal function much quicker post-surgery.

A pre-operative exercise program must consist of a strength/resistance training component and a cardiovascular component.

What are the benefits of prehab?

  • faster functional recovery after total hip replacement (THR) and other joint replacement surgeries.
  • faster return to work/sport or your favourite activities
  • helps to improve your range of motion and patterns of movementBEFORE the surgery
  • can have a positive effect on pain management pre surgery.
  • can help prevent post-operating complications
  • leads to shorter hospital stays and recovery times.

Also, there are obviously the general benefits of physical activity that normally would have been reduced or stopped altogether.

We are here to help !

If you’ve got an upcoming surgical operation, don’t delay any longer contact us and  set yourself up for the best possible recovery.