Post Surgical Rehab


Surgery can be considered a form of trauma; it can seriously impact the functionality of your body. Most surgeries cause some level of pain, swelling, inflammation, and mobility restrictions. Of course, your doctor will prescribe pain relieving medications and things will gradually start feeling better.

However, to achieve great recovery and maximise the functional outcomes of your surgery you should commence your personalised post-surgical rehabilitation program.

After surgery, some of your rehab program might include things like:

  • early mobility exercises
  • gradual building of strength
  • Improving your balance
  • Regaining basic functional movement patterns.

All of these need to be performed at the correct stages (time frames) for your healing process to be effective . Also, very often people need to relearn how to perform certain basic tasks again (using stairs, or put their socks on)

It sounds all tocomplicated?

Well, it certainly can be overwhelming initially. However, with proper guidance and a well structured rehabilitation program you’ll help the healing process along and grow stronger day by day.

We are here to help !

Always following your surgeon’s guidelines, we help you to minimise discomfort and achieve the best possible recovery and functional outcomes.  We will teach you how to safely perform your exercises, perform everyday activities and eventually get back to the things you love.

If you are  planning on having a surgical operation in the near future, contact us and see how we can help you get back to your life as quickly and easily as possible!