Lower back pain


Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions seen by physicians across the country. It is said that over 80% of people will suffer some sort of low back pain during their lifetime. Low back pain can occur for a variety of reasons, but typically all have one or more of the following factors :

  • Poor motion and mobility
  • Spinal, abdominal or hip weakness
  • Poor coordination of the spinal, abdominal and pelvic muscles

While there are many items to mask low back pain, such as medication, it is important to address the true causes of lower back pain. Most lower back pain is caused by the 3 factors above. When your spinal joints and muscles don’t move properly, tremendous strain occurs in this section of your back. This causes irritation and inflammation, which build up over time.

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Typically, people who suffer from this type of pain in their back will have more pain after sitting or lying down for prolonged periods, such as getting up from a chair or first thing in the morning after sleeping. With severe pain, reaching or bending down for objects can be limited.

If pain is felt more with prolonged standing or walking, this can be a result of significant hip or spinal weakness, again causing strain to the low back. With weakness in the spinal, abdominal or hip muscles, the amount of force transferred to the back with everyday activities increases. With bending down, the knees are often not used properly, and the muscles of the spine have to do extra work. This sets up the person for injury with lifting or even something as simple as bending down to tie one’s shoes.


The majority of acute episodes of LBP are relatively harmless (sprains and strains) although they can be extremely painful . It is important to understand that the severity of pain IS NOT always associated with the amount of tissue damage.  In many cases people recover fully within few weeks.

Of course, there are many conditions that can cause and/or predispose to lower back pain.

Spinal problems like Degenerative joint disease , Intervertebral disc problems , Arthritis  Spondylolysthesis (and many more..)

Pain can be referred from vital organs. Some examples include: Kidneys, large bowel, pelvic organs, abdominal aorta Certain medications (eg Statins) can cause lower back pain as side effect.

As you can tell by now, lower back pain can be extremely complex to diagnose and manage, especially when the condition is chronic (more than 6 months in duration).

How can we help with lower back pain

Osteopathy with its wholistic healthcare approach is one of the best choices to treat lower back pain. By addressing the three main issues listed above, your normal back movement and strength can be restored. We will focus on your posture, spinal mobility, strength, flexibility and the way you move your body (body mechanics). As we observe and measure these indicators, we can detect weak areas and evaluate where your primary problem is coming from.

A thorough plan is then worked out to address your main issues and relieve your pain as quickly as possible.  We aim to improve your spinal range of motion, body strength and control. We also focus on prevention of future injuries and educate you on proper posture and body mechanic techniques.

If you are suffering with low back pain, we are here to help !!