Osteopathy Telehealth and Telerehab Consultations

Telehealth overcomes the barriers of distance. Right now, in a time of social distancing, we want people to stay at home apart from essential outings for groceries or medicine.

However , if you’re injured, you still need help and advice to get better, stronger and more flexible. Lounging around at home can actually make some problems worse.

Telehealth solves the problem.

We meet online, providing you the same standard of care as you’d receive in your clinic.

  • We can assess you
  • prescribe treatments
  • create personalised video exercise program
  • monitor your progress
  • encourage you to keep up with your exercises without needing to meet in person
  • provide you with written Management Plan
Osteopathy Telehealth

How do we do it

Everything is in one place. We use an App that keeps everything as simple as possible. Accessible via Phone,Tablet and/or Computer .

  • The video call
  • Your personalised video exercise program and muscle spasm release techniques (accesible on phone ,tablet , computer)
  • Education and advise information (pdf and/or video)
  • Monitoring your progression
  • Messaging features ( secure text messaging with practitioner)

Picture says more than a thousand words !!!

Majority of people are visual learners , we made sure that you can access the best visual video exercises content possible.

The best part is that you can re-watch each exercise as many times as you like to make sure that you doing it correctly.

Also, We (patient and practitioner) can watch the video exercises during the consult so that you can clearly see and understand how to do them correctly.

The exercises are sent to you so that you have them on record and can (and should) do them at home.

We can go through the exercises or instructions with you during the consult so that you have 100% understanding of them.

Obviously we are still able to show you how to do the exercises and watch how you perform them so that we can correct you.

How to book Osteopathy Telehealth consultation

  • Click on the ” Book Online” button and book Telehealth or Telerehab Consultation
  • You will be invited via Email with secure link to the video call.
  • You will be asked to complete an interactive form (multiple choice). The answers get automatically recorded and send to us.
  • Also, you will get a basic info how to prepare your phone, tablet or computer for the Video call
  • You’ll  click on that link and that’s it !


You don’t have to do it yourself , we will help you with the right advice and guidance throughout the recovery process.

Initial Telehealth OsteopathyAccess an Osteopath from your own$75

  √    Video Consultation (45 min)

  √    Thorough case history

  √     Your personalised video exercise program

  √     Recommended Treatment plan


Return Telehealth OsteopathyFor existing clients$60

 √   Video Consultation (30 min)

√   Case history review

 √   Your personalised video exercise program

√   Recommended Treatment plan


Medicare via CDM program are approved by Government*
DVA are eligible for Telehealth
Private Health- you need to check with your insurance if they pay rebates for Telehealth consultation.
Please contact us prior to booking your appointment.


What to wear and space

It’s important that you wear comfortable clothes, but ones that will enable us to look at your body so that we can get an accurate picture of how you are moving at the site of the injury, posture, any limitations of movement and anything else that will require us to see you clearly.

For this reason, it’s also recommended that you take the call/consultation in a space that is as clear as you can make it and minimise background noise/distractions, as this could make it harder for us to assess you or watch you doing an exercise.

Isn’t Osteo too hands-on for telehealth?  

You might think that a telehealth consultation is not as good as a hands on consultation, clearly you can not deliver manual treatment Online . However, the results show that online consultations have just as good diagnoses as a hands on consultation. As a patient you will be more involved in your treatment and will do more self treatment, which is more empowering and helps you to take control of your injury/body. Results also show that outcomes of an online telehealth session are similar or better than a face to face consultation.Click on the picture ( over 50 studies ).