Ergonomic training

Ergonomic Training

Pure Osteopathy Noosa offers on-site Ergonomic Assessments to assist all office-based personnel.  We see many patients complaining of computer/desk related neck and shoulder pain and headaches, they  usually feel great after an Osteopathic treatment however within a few days the pain returns. Why? One of the main reasons is poor ergonomics of their workstation which leads to chronic overload of muscles and ligaments which results in pain and perception of stiffness. Our Osteopath has extensive experience in Occupational Health and will conduct a personalized assessment to ensure your staff remains pain free in their work environment.

Bad posture computer no legs

This assessment includes:

  1. A Pre-Assessment Screen of the individual.
  2. Observation of the workplace.
  3. Information and questioning around your work duties and habits.
  4. Formal assessment of the workstation.
  5. Provision of a comprehensive report including recommendations to ensure workers are comfortable in their work environment.

Recommendations may include –

  • Modifications to the workstation or work area
  • Addition of assistive equipment
  • Suggestions on work practices and habits within the workplace
  • Education provided on the spot for strategies to help deal with workplace injury prevention
  • An Exercise program to assist in injury prevention
  • Recommendations for future management

In cases where an injury has already occurred, one of our Osteopath’s is available to provide hands on  treatment providing a full continuum of care.
 A proactive approach to these issues often sees a reduction in workplace musculoskeletal injuries and employers will see the benefits of reduced costs due to injury and absenteeism.